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Swaddle Blankets - CozyWrap™

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Swaddle Blankets: From Swaddle Fail to Slumbering Bliss


It's 3 a.m., and you've been up for hours, desperately trying to soothe your fussy baby. As a new parent, sleep deprivation is all too familiar. But what if we told you our Swaddle Blankets could help you both catch up on much-needed rest?

Sweet Dreams for Baby, Sweet Relief for You


  • Our swaddle blankets recreate the womb's snug embrace, lulling your little one into blissful sleep.
  • While your baby drifts off, you can finally wake up refreshed, not frazzled.

Swaddle Blankets for Easier Nights


  • Our self-fastening Velcro design makes swaddling a breeze – just a swift, snug wrap and you're all set for snuggles without the struggle.
  • Quickly create the perfect cozy cocoon, even during those bleary-eyed 3 AM wakings

No More Scratches or Startle Scares


  • Wave goodbye to accidental scratches and that nerve-racking startle reflex.
  • Our swaddles gently secure your baby's arms while allowing comfortable leg movement for undisturbed nights.

Premium Swaddle Blankets: The Key Features


  •  Pack of 3 modern designs.
  •  Adjustable hook-and-loop.
  • Ultra-soft, and temperature-regulating 1.0 TOG.
  •  100% organic cotton, meet REACH Annex XVII requirements. 

Rest Assured: 30-Night Guarantee

Because every parent deserves nurturing rest - that's why we offer a risk-free 30-night guarantee. Sweet dreams are just a click away! Add our dreamy swaddle blankets to your cart now and get ready to sleep like your snoozing bambino.



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