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Swaddle Blankets | Self-soothe

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Swaddle Blankets - Your Baby's Cozy Cocoon for Sublime Slumbers


From the instant they're born, babies seem to miss that cozy womb so much! But now, you can recreate that blissful, familiar feeling with our supremely soft and snuggly swaddle blankets - their personal womb away from home.

  • Lush, stretchy fabric gently hugs your little one
  • Ergonomic design prevents hip dysplasia while allowing free leg movement
  • Adjustable wings for the perfect, womb-tight cuddle

Swaddle Blankets: Sleep Soundly, Night After Night


You know that loopy logic of "sleep while the baby sleeps"? Well, with these swaddle blankets, you can actually catch some quality zzzs while your little one snoozes the night away! No more vicious sleep deprivation cycles.

  • Stops those alarming startle reflexes that wake them
  • Womb-like sensation promotes deeper, higher-quality sleep
  • Helps establish positive sleep habits from the start

Swaddling Made Easy, Even for Rookies


No more blanket origami! Even swaddling newbies can get the perfect baby burrito wrap in seconds flat with these brilliant swaddle blankets.

  • Simple velcro design tailors the snuggest, most secure fit
  • Roomy leg pouch prevents hip issues while allowing flexibility
  • No loose blankets to shift or unravel overnight


Quality, Durability, and Peace of Mind


  • Trendy gender-neutral designs
  • Rigorously tested for quality and safety 
  • 2 sizes from newborn to 6 months and beyond
  • Ergonomic leg pouch design


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Reclaim your sleep and sanity knowing our Swaddle Blankets are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not over-the-moon, our friendly parent-to-parent team will make it right. 

Take the first step towards revitalizing rest for the whole family - add Self Soothe Swaddle Blankets to your cart now!

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